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33 dogs rescued from the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter

33 dogs rescued from the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter

OUACHITA PARISH, La. ( KNOE)- The Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter has been devastated with nursing puppies and their puppies. So three save radicals came to their aid to save 33 lives Friday.

The Rescue Life out of West Monroe partners with the national radical Wings of Rescue, which organizes flights with animals from overcrowded sanctuaries to ones with more area.

When Wings of Rescue received the demand at the refuge they flew into action.

" They started reaching telephone calls and literally within a few weeks, here we are, we have a flight," says Shannon Hagan, the founder of The Rescue Life." Thirty-three lives have been saved today that were on an index to be putting in place ."

The Rescue Life saves wet-nurse puppies and their puppies from sanctuaries around Northeast Louisiana before they can be putting in place.

And thanks to Cloud Nine Rescue Flights out of Kansas, 33 pups have allowed us to get on a flight down to the Broward County Humane Society in Florida.

" All in all we've ferried about three thousand animals that otherwise would have died to forever dwellings," says Ted Dupuis, Founder of Cloud Nine Rescue Flights. His group pilots pups from one project to another.

This was the first flight out of Monroe, and because it was so successful, The Rescue Life says they'll try to partner with Cloud Nine every few weeks to get pups to forever dwellings.

You can donate to these groups at the following websites.

The Rescue Life: https :// TheRescueLife /

Wings of Save: https:// /

Cloud Nine Rescue Flights: https :// cloudninerescueflights /

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