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6 Things You Might Crave to Know About Puppy Adoption

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Housebreaking: Before you accept, consider the appropriate means that may much term your brand-new own family members will devote alone. Remember, a puppy compels constant notice. The key to successful housebreaking is firmnes; impeding "accidents" is key. Formerly a pup soils the carpeting, it becomes much more difficult to train them out of that behavior. Here's a good rule of thumb to consider: a puppy can hold his bladder time one hour for every month they've been alive. For speciman, a 3-month-old is a requirement to vacate his bladder every three hours! And yes, that does include the middle of the darknes! Before you go through with adoption, ask yourself if you are available to walk your pup several times throughout the day, and if you have the equanimity and commitment to wake up and make him out several times throughout the darknes. Of track, before you can walk him at all, you are required to instruct him to amble on a leash, which is a project in itself.

In contrast to a pup, young adults dog's bladder is already fully developed. Many pup relief organisations make sure their adult bird-dogs for adoption are housebroken before they go to brand-new homes and shelter pooches most often have already been potty-trained and know the ropes. With adult bird-dogs you too have certain advantages of recognizing also that your pup is physically able to" prop it" for several hours at a extend. In most cases, adult bird-dogs are easier to housebreak. You can coach an aged pup brand-new jokes! Puppy behavior: Sure, that pup for sale is super-cute, but simply put, they are adorable, unrelenting machines of ruin. Even the most well-behaved will destroy shoes, garb, article, remote controls, telephones, ropes, pup beds, carpeting...anything and everything. More rambunctious puppies have been known to obliterate sofas, auto posteriors, Venetian dazes, electrical lines, entrance frames...you epithet it, they can eat it or shred it. And when they're teething, looking after! After you accept a puppy, you'll soon discover they have very sharp teeth, and they are happy to use your hands, hoofs , nose, "hairs-breadth", etc, as a munch doll. Ouch! Needless to say, a teething pup and a small child do NOT make good attendants! To keep the pup from hurting himself, and to foreclosed the pernicious behavior from becoming a bad attire, you are required to devote every waking instant administering his every move. Do you have that kind of term? 

Many bird-dogs for adoption in refuges or with dog relief groups are already trained and prepared to go to battle! Many pup relief groups use foster homes to make sure each pup for adoption is trained to be well-behaved indoors. It would be impossible for rescuers to make sure their puppies for adoption get the same teaching before they are adopted. Although all bird-dogs necessity notice and playtime, young adults dog's needs are far less necessitating. And remember , no pooch is too old for love! Temperament: If you're considering adoption, you probably have a good theory about what kind of personality you crave your brand-new own family members to have, right? If you're a couch potato, you don't want to adopt a pup who needs to be in motion always; you crave a furry pal who's material to cuddle up at your hoofs. If "active" is your middle epithet, you probably want to adopt a pup who's always raring to seek! Maybe you need to adopt a pup who's great with children or elderly people, or one who doesn't rind a good deal, or you really want to adopt a pup who loves to lick your face, or you crave one who doesn't lick your face, or...you get the idea. There are a lot of things to consider! Uh-oh...guess what? When you accept a puppy, you can't tell how he or she will turn out! With young adults pup, what you see is what you get. Their personality is already developed, and you'll be able to recognise the specific features you're looking for much more easily. Dog rescue and shelter volunteers can help assess the personality of each dog for adoption, and carefully pair you up with the right pup for your lifestyle. With puppies, there is a lot more guesswork involved. Sure, you can instruct your pup on sure-fire behaviors, but other mannerisms( like " activities) seem to be inherent in each individual.

  •  A smarter alternative than to buy a puppy from a domesticated storage: No trouble how "reputable" you think your neighbourhood domesticated storage is, they're coming their babes from one of two informants: 1) a "backyard" breeder, or 2) a puppy mill. The majority of purebred hounds in protects or improvements are the product of "backyard" breeders. These are people who acquire some easy cash by multiplying their hounds. Most of these breeders don't know a thing about multiplying for positive regime and quality aspects, and they don't know how to stimulate a fittingly entertained garbage. Many of these babes are weaned from their mothers nature too soon. Sometimes, backyard breeders was transformed into small-time puppy mills. What's a puppy mill? A puppy mill is primarily a puppy factory farm. The dogs is kept in small-scale surrounds and forcing them to breeding at unwanted frequencies ... it's all about fund. Female hounds are made to have many offsprings per year, which is extremely dangerous and remorseless. Each mill germinates several different breeds, and overcompensates little attention to the specific regime and inherited disorder due to inbreeding. Genetic regime experimenting is practically unheard of, and mass-producing babes for profit is the bottom line. In the worst, ghastly abuse and frightening environments are the norm. How are you able stop puppy mills?" Theres simply" one quality. Make away their advantages. NEVER BUY A PET FROM A PET STORE! Remember, permission is the most humane alternative !
  • Adult dog adoption= an instant pal for life: You don't have to buy a dog to acquaintance true-blue bonding. Ask anybody who has adopted young adults puppy, and they'll cuss their alliance with their untangled pal is as breadth as they come. When you open your heart and your residence to a puppy who needs assist, they genuinely do register their notes with satisfaction the rest of their own lives! Pups who have been eradicated from their homes, or have had difficult inaugurates has the potential to alliance fully and intensely with their new human overseers, whom they regards as superstars. Dogs who find themselves in the protect or with a salvage group because of a death or other misfortune in their onetime human ancestry routinely follow out a mourning phase. Formerly they are adopted, nonetheless, they very often implore good-for-nothing more than to satisfy their new hero---YOU! No matter what environments returned them to the protect or repair, most hounds for adoption are singularly fond and solicitous babes and remarkably loyal friends. But first you have to adopt one !
  • Adult dog adoption= genuinely saving their own lives: When you borrow young adults puppy, you are doing the eventual good deed. Let's face it: everybody wants to adopt a puppy, but not everyone is lining up to adopt the great adults! Its a pity most because puppies are alone puppies for a few months, and then they are adults for the rest of their own lives. Did you know that every year, nearly 4 million adoptable swine are euthanized in swine protects? A careening 25% of those swine are purebreds, so you can be sure you'll find different kinds of puppy with the aim of achieving its adoption out there, hampering the relatively small number of puppy repair progressives nature too busy! An adult puppy with the aim of achieving its adoption in a pound has a much greater rich of being euthanized than a puppy in the same protect. Dog rescue charters aim most, very hard to help adult hounds find good homes. Dog rescue progressives are almost always made up of voluntaries. They often keep their hounds with the aim of achieving its adoption in their own homes while they assess their health and personalities. If a puppy with the aim of achieving its adoption involves basic training, often the saver will be delivered it. If a puppy with the aim of achieving its adoption involves medical treatment, several dedicated saviors pay for it out of their own pocket. These beings are unbelievably heartfelt about puppy repair, and they aim tirelessly to make sure every puppy with the aim of achieving its adoption pinpoints a residence. Nothing is as honoring to these superstars as a successful puppy permission, peculiarly a successful adult puppy permission !
  • Okay...if you still want to adopt a puppy: If you've done all your search, and you've decided that you can give a puppy a great home, time to visit the protect or a puppy repair party. Start examining in your province by doing a rub on Adopt-a-Pet.com! You can examine by senility, expanse, coloring, and breeding, but we recommend simply participating your zip code, adopting "puppy" from the senility menu, and sounding the search button. That quality, you'll get to see all the prodigious mixed-breed puppies with a view to its adoption in your province !  Source by adoptapet.com

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Puppy Dog Training For Obedience- How To Learn Your Dog Puppy Properly


Puppy dog training for obedience was a matter close to the heart of dog fans. Now, getting a brand-new puppy in the members of this house can be as joyful as having a brand-new child at home. It generates much commotion to everyone peculiarly the minors. But you need to make sure that buying the puppy is not a decision represented in haste or at the spur of the moment. Dogs are living creatures and not just gifts that need no upkeep. Though a bit puppy can bring so much laugh and joy, they do require a great deal of training and when that happens, it is not a amusing thing to do. Expect work if you want to qualify puppy dog well .
Dogs are like human being. They extremely have temperament as well. Surprised? A puppy's nature depends on their birth lieu and his/ her spawn. So offer a little bit of scrutiny here about different breeds and their personalities in order to know how to qualify your dog puppy correctly. Rottweilers, bull puppies, boxers and German shepherds are guard dogs and they are born with natural tendencies to love and protect their human companions. Gun puppies, cursor and Labradors are born and reared as hunting dogs. Because of their background, they are naturally energetic .
Bearded and margin collies, on the other hand, being herding puppies are engendered and reared on farmland, and are preferably active and inquisitive about their borders. They are known to love moving around and don't sit still well. You have to be a little prudent when you draw them living a life in municipals as they may be anxious and a little bit scared and anxious since they are not used to the modern environ .
Training dog puppy desires term. But do not be overly worried as it often takes a couple of weeks before it hears dog submission. What you need is a little bit of persistence and the quantity of attempt you put into it. One article of good information is you do not have to expend hours to qualify dog puppies as it simply takes a few minutes every day over a few times. That's all it makes .
The very first task to train dog puppy is its submission in simple-minded dominates like grow, sit, end, stay and fetch. These are easy to follow and most puppies are able to learn that fairly rapid. As they grow older and big, you can move on to include more advanced dominates like reeling over, pawing and even play dead. One thing good about qualifying dog puppies is they are very open towards discovering. They are like blank fragments of article ready to be written on. So qualifying a puppy dog can be quite a amusing know especially when it starts responding to you .
Like minors, what the hell is read in their initial growing up months would be engrained in their remembrances. The puppy dog training for submission would also appearance their behaviors afterward. All it makes is a simple settle, stick with the few minutes per session procedure and stop reiterate as a remembrance .
Puppy dog training for obedience is really important as untrained puppies can be rather wayward. Since they are young, during their teething theatre, they develop a natural chewing demeanor. This can be quite damaging for your furniture as the holes they leave can be numerous in figures. It is good to therefore start train dog puppies early so that they learn to distinguish "whats wrong" and "whats right" demeanor .
Dog owneds may resort to using bird-dog qualifying inventions or commodities to facilitated puppy dog train but this is really not that crucial. A little bit more of rehearsing and repeating the simple-minded dominates everyday would go a long way. The whole puppy dog train takes approximately a few months. Yes it may seem tough but the compensations would be great. At the end of the training, your puppy would grow up to be a gentle and pliant dog that makes a great attendant .
If you are keen to find out the specific dominates to perform to suitably coach and qualify your puppy, find out from my dog submission website where you can read some quick and effective dog submission qualifying skills to qualify your puppy dog .

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Sanford officials ban puppy mill sales

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SANFORD, Fla. -- Sanford city leads have boycotted the retail sale of puppies and "cat-o-nine-tails" spawned at puppy mills or kitten factories .

City officials on Monday approved the brand-new ordinance to ban the sale of four-legged sidekicks spawned at particular facilities to be sold at neighbourhood collects, quoting cleanlines and overcrowding fears .
" People that are multiplying for no reason ... only unreasonable. They just think they will make money off these animals and then they end up they can't sell them, so they end up at sanctuaries or kill sanctuaries ," remarked Judy Sarullo, chairman of Pet Rescue by Judy in Sanford .
That is how some animals end up in Sarullo's care, she remarked .
" Chihuahuas and opposes are the number 1 animals that are being put to sleep because they just impede multiplying them ," Sarullo clarified .
But it's not just overbreeding Sanford commissioners were concerned with when they decided to pass the existing legislation .
Now store selling puppies or "cat-o-nine-tails" can only sell animals from sanctuaries, although breeders can still sell to individual purchasers in Sanford .
However, Sarullo is hopeful the prohibitions on collects selling puppies and kittens in bulk will propagandize hungry domesticated parents toward shelter babies .
" Hopefully parties will see the pets in need. Don't help people make money off of live animals, cure those who are already alive and need homes ," Sarullo remarked.
Other expanses like Lake County and the city of Casselberry have also enacted same outlaws against the retail sale of puppy mill or kitten factory animals in their areas .

Source : mynews13.com

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Puppy Care Tips, Advice For Dog Owners: A How To For Pets

What Are The Dangers For New Puppies? Let's Get Safer!  


New puppy owners beware, purchasing a new puppy is a thrilling experience for everyone involved, but at the same time, it's a giant responsibility. You want the young puppy to grow up into a healthy adult, preferably with a friendly personality to match. However, the most fragile time in a dog's life is early on, within the first six months to be exact. Until that age, the puppy will need to be provided with special care from you, their new owner, to help guarantee they reach adulthood safely. And guess what? I want to help you out, so listen up... please. I asked nicely! 

To help a puppy reach the age of 6 months without any problems, let's take an essential in-depth look at a few of the dangers that may threaten a new puppy's life, how we can prevent those dangers from occurring, and how we can shape a puppy's personality to be one oozing with affection. 

The Danger: Temperature - Well, I'll tell you the dangers. There are many to consider, but I'll highlight the important ones. The first danger is a simple one but can be easily overlooked. It's the temperature of your house. Think about that for a second, what temperature does your house usually hover around during the winter? How about the summer? What about in general? It is common for households to range anywhere from 65-85F (18-29 C), and anything below 72F is slightly too cold for newer puppies and poses a threat to their safety. 

Sure, 72F might feel comfortable to you, and is perfectly acceptable for full grown adult dogs, but puppies are fragile and cannot be exposed to low temperatures for long periods of time. Houses cool down late at night, so think about this: when you are fast asleep, you use blankets to keep warm. A puppy, however, only has his fur and that's not adequate enough to keep him warm. So while you're all cozy laying in that soft bed, the poor puppy may be suffering from the cold and a chilling death might not be far off for them. 

Prevention: A trusty heating pad will solve all of these troubles, and keep the puppy nice and warm at night. All you need to do is acquire one somehow, I suggest by buying it! Once you get a heating pad, it is imperative to check the temperature. Ideally, the temperature should stay warm and consistent, but nothing overbearing. Some heating pads may get too hot, though, which is why you want to check before using it. 

If the pad is reaching uncomfortable temperatures, a method you can use to help make it more comfy is by wrapping it in a towel. The towel will absorb a fair amount of heat, plus adding some additional softness to the hard surface. Perfect for the puppy to lay down on, the puppy will be pleased with your efforts. 

Worth noting, when inserting the heating pad into the puppy's playpen, arrange it in such a way that the pad does not cover the entire surface area of the pen. Otherwise, the puppy will be stuck on a heated surface with no choice to step off, and that is mighty uncomfortable. It'd be like getting stuck on a hot sidewalk with no shoes, yikes! When you are finished, the puppy will be protected from the cold, allowing you to sleep better at night knowing they are safe and sound. 

The Danger: Other Unfriendly Pets - Do you have any other pets besides the new puppy roaming around? If the answer is yes, then consider their personalities. How friendly are they, and will they accept a new animal with open arms? You know the attitude of your pets more than I do, but in order to keep your new puppy safe we need to think and weigh all the possible outcomes. 

Remember, animals can be friendly towards humans, but towards other animals it can be an entirely different story. Young puppies are very playful, and will probably attempt to provoke your other pets to get them to play. Whether your pets view those good-intentioned gestures as a friendly invitation for fun or an act of war, who knows? Only you do! 

Prevention: If your other pet is unfriendly towards the new pet puppy, then it's a serious problem. No doubt the unfriendly one is bigger since they are likely older, so what you'll have to do is isolate them. Keep them separated until the young puppy grows up and is able to defend himself. Have them interact with one another on a daily basis, with your supervision. This will help your unfriendly pet become more familiar with the puppy. Hopefully with time, the mean pet will become a bit more generous. 

The Danger: Electrical Wires - You flip the switch and the light turns on, an every day occurrence for millions of houses. Electricity flows through each of them, powering our microwaves and refrigerators, along with other convenient appliances we use. Some of these appliances come with cords power them. The cords have electricity running through them. 

It's not just your pet puppy you have to worry about, it's any pet that can have a chewing habit. Needless to say, dogs love to chew on things, and last time I checked, cords are things. That's right, if you look around right now, do you see any electrical cords sitting on the floor? I bet you do, and those are all potential health hazards. Even the heating pad I talked about earlier has a cord it uses, and your puppy will chew through it if given enough time. I'll spare the details on what happens when dog or puppy gets a mouthful of electricity, but I will give you a hint: it's really bad. Here's one more hint: It's also deadly! Okay no more hints. 

Prevention: To avert this disaster, relocate the cords that are vulnerable on the floor to a safer place. If you have tape, use that to neatly pack the cords together, possibly taping them high on the wall away from your pets. Undoubtedly, not all cords can be moved, and in those cases, use cord covers. As the name implies, they cover the cords and prevent animals from chewing through. Remember to use a cord cover on the heating pad in the puppy's playpen, as new owners sometimes miss that. So watt are you waiting for, go secure those dangerous cords. I wrote the previous sentence just so I could use that pun, sorry. 

 Making The Puppy Comfortable 

Alright, we've learned about 4 possible dangers that have potential to be hazardous to a new puppy's health and what we can do to prevent such disasters. Now, let's take a look on how to make the life of our puppy more comfortable. A comfortable puppy is a happy puppy, and a happy puppy is a healthy one! 

Many owners restrict the area a puppy is able to move around in. This is vital if you don't always have the time to keep a constant watch over them, and you probably don't. Most of the time, playpens or small dog gates are used to limit their movement, so think about buying one of those. I suggest a playpen, as I find them to be more convenient than setting up gates. 

As for where to put the playpen, I advise in a quiet part of your house, away from any noise. This playpen is going to serve not just as a way to restrict their movement, but also as a place of rest. Puppies need plenty of rest to maintain their youthful energy and health. Places you should avoid setting up resting areas in, include spots like directly next to a furnace or fireplace. Drafty areas, like next to a fan or vent are not recommended either. A drafty area could dry out a puppy's throat as they sleep, making it sore when they wake. 

Include necessary things a puppy might need when it's resting. A heating pad wrapped in a towel is one, how about food and water? I've heard feeding puppies is a great way to help them continue living, so have that available to them at all times. For entertainment purposes, buy a couple of toys for their amusement. Chewing toys will also focus their attention away from any dangling cords. 

Let's see... a playpen, a warm heating pad, food and water, fun toys; things are looking good for our new fragile animal friend. But something is missing, do you know what it is? 

The owner's love! That's right, while trying to ensure the puppy's protection and comfort, we forgot to show them the most crucial thing: our love. Aw! 

Don't forget it, neither. Providing a young puppy affection and positivity as they grow will have profound affects on their personality later on. A puppy's attitude will reflect what's shown to them. Show them tons of love, and they will most certainly mirror it right back, which is precisely what all new puppy owners dream of having; A fun, loving, loyal companion. Hopefully this little guide will help you achieve just that. 

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Training For Puppies

 The Best Training For Puppies 


I love all sorts of animals, especially dogs and puppies. Whenever you see them they make you fall in love with them at first sight. This feeling makes us want them and we usually end up taking them home. But once we have brought them home we then come to our senses and didn't think the full thing through. It seemed such a good idea at the time. We quickly realise when the puppy is being naughty that we need to train our puppies. However, if our puppy grows up with these bad habits then it can be very difficult to re-train them later in their life. The saying is true 'You can't teach an old dog new tricks'. Therefore the best option is to train our puppies. Our houses probably won't last much longer either without a bit of training for our puppies. Training our puppies can seem difficult and knowing where to start can be a problem. But what we need to find out is what is the best training for our puppies. 

Not too long ago i brought a puppy home that I loved when I first saw her. I also thought training a puppy will be a breeze. There's nothing to it. But I was mistaken. I was in the position that I had a puppy that I loved so much in such a short time but was very destructive. My house was being destroyed in days and knew that I had to train her quickly to save my home from ending up looking like a building site. But I didn't know where to start with training for puppies. 

Looking through the TV planner i noticed that the dog whisperer was on. So I thought this would be interesting and will watch it to see what useful ideas I could learn and put into practice myself. The program was about an ignorant and violent dog that was out of control. The lady owner was pregnant at the time and was struggling to look after the dog safely. Therefore to help out the situation the dog need to be trained. But by watching it I learned very little if anything because I think a lot of the secrets were cut out. So I still needed some training for my puppy. However it was consistent that all the dog owners ignore the fact they need to train their puppy's which results in a naughty dog later in life. Training for your puppy is not easy and can be confusing but with a little help you can achieve anything and the effort is worth its rewards. 

Therefore I needed to do a bit of research to find out how to train my puppy. The one thing I wanted to know was what is the best training for puppies. From there I would have a starting point to expand on. There were many free downloads available but when i received them they were very reduced in quality. There was little information and tips in the documents and were simply just advertising themselves. However, I didn't expect any more for nothing. I would not recommend them but you can always check them out yourself. The harsh rule I found out is if you want something then you have got to pay for it. So I started searching the internet just like you have done to see what ebooks I could purchase to use to help train my puppy. The content what was included was important to me so I knew that the basics of dog training were covered. 

There was so much involved in training puppies and thought this is going to be impossible. Training for walking on a lead, where to do the toilet, not to bite or chew etc. But i started following an eBook that I purchased which I have used to successfully train my puppy, friends and families puppies. The training for puppies eBook I bought is ideal for all breeds of dogs. 

Training For Puppies 

Teaching Your Puppy Their Name 

The first thing in training for puppies is teaching them their name. You cant do anything if your puppy doesn't know their name. Higher results are achieved if this training is completed several times a day for a few minutes just to strengthen your puppy's understanding of their name. Equip yourself with lots of treats and toys and put your puppy on their lead. The lead is used to give you some gentle control over your puppy's movements. Therefore if you lose their attention and they start to wander, you can stop them from walking away without running after them. One thing that you must put across and is very easily missed is that you are in charge. It can be very difficult to put this across to a puppy because you don't want to scare them. But by putting you in charge and letting it be known it will become easier in the more advanced training sessions. Use your treats and toys to attract the puppy's attention and call their name. If the puppy responds by looking at you then give them a reward. Next, hold the treat up to your face so the puppy has to respond by looking up at you. When your puppy looks up at you they are rewarded. Repeating this several times a day will decrease the time to take for your puppy to learn their name. 

When you reward your puppy with a treat, also use verbal praise by telling your puppy that they are good. It may seem silly but it will be a boost for their confidence and they will recognise your voice better. If it's good for us then it will be good for them. Further in to the training the sound of your voice will be the reward and the rare treat is just a bonus. This exercise should also be completed using a toy to attract your puppy's attention. Call your puppy's name and squeak their toy or tap their ball on the floor. Next try holding the toy up to your face and call your puppy's name. Fetch is a good game for using your puppy's name and is another good bit of training for your puppy to learn their name. By throwing their toy gently to (remember, they are on their lead so don't throw the ball to far!). allow your puppy to chase their toy, and gently guide them back to you to continue the game. 

The best results can be achieved by experimenting with different toys, treats and tones of voice to learn what works best for your puppy. You must remember to reward your puppy when they respond to their name. This is how they will come to know that this specific sound really is their name. 

When you are confident of getting your puppy's attention and holding it for a short period of time, you could start to introduce new lessons and positions into your training sessions. 

Training For Puppies 

The training tip above is just one part of training for puppies. There are many more things to teach like how to walk on a lead otherwise this can be very embarrassing in front of the neighbours. 

I have published the training of the name tip by teaching myself from the following ebook. So teach yourself, teach your puppy and help teach others. I hope you have as many successes and enjoyments with your puppies as i have. It's all worth it for what a puppy can bring to your life and family. 

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Puеrtо Mаdrуn, thе Whales Hоmеtоwn іn Argеntіnа

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Puеrtо Madryn іѕ a wоndеrful place, lосаtеd in thе Atlаntіс Pаtаgоnіа, Argеntіnа аnd thе еntrаnсе to the аmаzіng Pеnіnѕulа Valdes. Thіѕ сіtу wаѕ fоundеd in 1865 bу a соlоnу frоm Wales, аnd for уеаrѕ wаѕ аn industrial tоwn, wіth railway and hаrbоr activities. After сlоѕе оf the factories, Puerto Mаdrуn ѕtаrtѕ tо develop іtѕ еnоrmоuѕ touristic аttrасtіvе аnd bесоmеѕ thе hоmе оf thе wоndеrful frank whаlе.

Year аftеr уеаr, thоuѕаndѕ оf frаnk whаlеѕ arrive tо Puerto Madryn coast to breed аnd take саrе оf their оffѕрrіngѕ. From Junе until Dесеmbеr, thе vіѕіtоrѕ can mееt аnd amaze wіth these wаtеr giants, wіth mоrе than 12 meters оf longitude аnd 50 tons of wеіght.

One оf the greatest spectacles of the wоrld is tо wаtсh thе іnсrеdіblе jumрѕ оf frank whаlеѕ іn thе осеаn and how they рlау wіth thеіr оffѕрrіng. In Puеrtо Madryn the visitors саn fіnd boat еxсurѕіоnѕ which lеаd to thе ocean, tо еxреrіеnсе thе ѕеnѕаtіоn of bеіng beside thеѕе еnоrmоuѕ animals.

The bеѕt place fоr еnjоуіng оf frank whales іѕ Dоrаdіllо bеасh, located 17 kilometers away frоm Puerto Mаdrуn. Thе deep wаtеrѕ of іtѕ bау allow thе whаlеѕ tо stay close tо thе coast аnd the visitors саn ѕее thеm from thе shores. Anоthеr оbѕеrvаtоrу is Puntа Flесhа, lосаtеd іn thе cliffs оf thе zоnе.

Puеrtо Pіrаmіdеѕ іѕ аnоthеr аttrасtіоn оf Puеrtо Mаdrуn. It іѕ lосаtеd at Golfo Nuеvо, 100 kilometers away frоm thе сіtу. Thе nаmе of this роrt іѕ gіvеn bу thе руrаmіdаl ѕhаре оf іtѕ rocks аnd сlіffѕ. Thіѕ іѕ another important рlасе tо оbѕеrvе frаnk whаlеѕ during thеіr mating tіmе. Puеrtо Pіrаmіdеѕ іѕ аlѕо thе only town with іnhаbіtаntѕ on Pеnіnѕulа Vаldеѕ, and wаѕ nаmеd Pаtrіmоnу of Humanity bу UNESCO іn 1999.

Pеnіnѕulа Vаldеѕ іѕ a nаturаl rеѕеrvе іn mаnу аѕресtѕ. The erosion in іtѕ landscape lеt uѕ see mаrіnе animal fossils thаt uѕеd tо lіvе іn thіѕ zоnе and thе current сlіffѕ аrе nоw thе habitat оf hundreds оf ѕресіеѕ whісh nеѕt оn Puеrtо Mаdrуn, ѕuсh аѕ реnguіn соlоnіеѕ, ѕеа lions, marine elephants, соrmоrаntѕ аnd mаnу others.

Puеrtо Mаdrуn hаѕ many places fоr enjoying nаturе, dіѕсоvеrіng wоndеrful аnіmаlѕ оr rеlаxіng on іtѕ fіvе kіlоmеtеrѕ оf coast аnd іtѕ ѕеvеn beaches. One of іѕ zоnеѕ is Puntа Tombo, which is the ѕhеltеr оf a hugе Mаgеllаn реnguіn colony. Hеrе, these mаrіnе birds create their nеѕtѕ, take саrе оf thеіr offspring аnd fееd themselves ѕwіmmіng оn thе осеаn.

Anоthеr great рlасе tо wаtсh thе fаunа оf thе zоnе іѕ Puntа Loma, the shelter оf a colony оf ѕеа lіоnѕ. Thіѕ wаѕ thе first nаturаl rеѕеrvе оf Puerto Madryn, сrеаtеd to рrоtесt thе еnvіrоnmеnt оf thеѕе аnіmаlѕ.

For іtѕ bеаutіful lаndѕсареѕ аnd thе presence оf іtѕ іnсrеdіblе fаunа, Puеrtо Madryn іѕ thе реrfесt рlасе for thе lоvеrѕ of nаturе, whо wаnt to rеlаx іn аn almost unеxрlоrеd lаnd, with mаnу оf сhаrmѕ and adventures.

Puеrtо Mаdrуn іѕ аlѕо thе ideal zоnе fоr nautical sports lіkе kayak аnd ѕсubа diving, whеrе thе visitors саn dіѕсоvеr the rісhеѕ оf thе marine ѕоіl аnd іtѕ fаunа. Besides, thеrе аrе many interesting раthѕ аnd сlіffѕ for trekking, ѕаndtrеkkіng and other еxсurѕіоnѕ.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Balancing Act: The Challenges of Caring for an Elderly Parent and/or Elderly Pets


"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

- Wayne Dyer

We have a saying in my family when we just know a situation is building to a blow-out of some sort... when it begins to feel inevitable that the wheels are just going to fall right off. When, how and what the fallout will be simply remains to be seen.

Such was my Christmas "Vacation" a few years ago - a misnomer if ever there was one.

I worked really hard in the months leading up to December - too hard, in retrospect - and was looking forward to a much-needed break over Christmas, spent doing not much at all: relaxing, reading, watching movies, going for walks...

The universe, however, was so not on the same page.

For back home in my hometown, my elderly Mom - in dire need of a hip replacement - was requiring a lot more help to stay in her home. So my family was making her meals, getting her groceries, helping care for her cat, running errands, taking her to appointments and so on. They really needed a break, so I agreed to have my Mom out to my place for the two weeks over Christmas.

Now even though our Mother was 88 years old and down to 5'2" and 107 pounds, it was a testament to the sheer strength of her spirit that she could still manage to bring a fully functioning home (that would be mine) and the residents in it (that would be me and my thirteen-year-old dog, Soda) to a grinding halt.

Correction: Soda came to a grinding halt. I, on the other hand, was soon in overdrive, literally running back and forth between the kitchen and the bedroom (my bedroom!) delivering meals to my Mom and retrieving dishes. Since the hip-pain rendered her pretty much immobile, my caring for her was to achieve two goals: 1) fatten her up a little before surgery and 2) give her a much-needed rest.

Me not so much.

For my Mother required five meals a day: two breakfasts (yes, like a Hobbit), lunch (soup, sandwich, fruit, veggie and dessert), a late afternoon cup of tea and pre-dinner snack, and then dinner (on a heated plate). Leftovers were occasionally accepted but not encouraged. Plus, of course, there was the grocery shopping, the never-ending dishes, the serving of meals, and the stopping and listening to stories while delivering said meals.

I managed to make it through Christmas with only one minor meltdown. But then, two days after Christmas, the precariously attached wheels of my supposedly fully functioning life fell right off. And, as is usually the case, it was a seemingly small bump in the road - that had nothing to do with my Mom - that set me off. So I vented to my Mom about what was bothering me and felt much better afterwards.

Soda, unfortunately, did not. When she went to stand up that evening, she couldn't. When I managed to help her up, she staggered a few steps then fell down. I got her up again and she stumbled out of the house, down her little ramp and into the backyard where she collapsed. I called the emergency vet hospital and told them the symptoms. They told me to get her to emergency NOW - easier said than done considering she weighs over a hundred pounds.

I still don't know how I did it but once I managed to get Soda to her feet, it was almost like little angel wings helped carry her from the backyard to the car. She wouldn't be able to walk on her own again for nearly a week.

She spent the next four nights in emergency and was diagnosed with "Old Dog Vestibular Disease," which is an inner ear imbalance - similar to vertigo - possibly brought on by a stroke. Interesting... since my stress level was in the stratosphere.

At any rate, regardless of the cause, the effect on Soda was that she was completely off balance, extremely dizzy and nauseous - and her head titled to one side at a rather rakish angle. From an emotional perspective, it was heartbreaking to see her like this. From a practical perspective, now my days were spent feeding and watering my Mom at home AND driving the half hour back and forth (twice a day) to the animal hospital to visit Soda, hand-feed her (because she wouldn't eat much for anyone else) and help the staff take her outside to do her business (it took three people to do this).

When we were outside on the fourth night, Soda managed to take a few staggering steps on her own over to the fence to lean against because she was still so dizzy. Still, the vet phoned me the next the morning and told me they were sending Soda home.

"Because when you're with her," said the vet, "she at least tries to walk on her own. But when you're not here, she won't even try."

And so it came to pass that now I had two pretty much immobile 107 pound charges to care for in my little bungalow by the sea: one in my bed; the other in my yard - for Soda had decided that her recovery would best take place in the great out of doors versus, say, somewhere a little more convenient like the living room floor.

I thought I was busy before. Hah! Now I was feeding my Mom five meals a day AND trying to keep a rather large and very sick old dog from freezing to death. To this end, Mom suggested I put the sheepskin rug under Soda and pile wool blankets on top, so she wouldn't get pneumonia. Though a lot of work to get the sheepskin under Soda, this worked... until she got to her feet, stumbled a yard or two and promptly collapse again. So I would repeat the process.

Oh - and did I mention Soda also now needed to be hand-fed five small meals a day?

So this went on for a few days and honestly, I just didn't think Soda was improving enough. And was I really being fair to her? Around dinnertime on New Year's Day, I got an answer - albeit an indirect one. I was trying to fish Soda out of the bushes at the side of the house in the dark, when three teenage girls appeared in my driveway.

"I'm over here!" I called out.

One of them turned on her flashlight and pointed it in my direction. I was, at this point, halfway out of the bushes, trying to hold up Soda's back end.

"Are you okay?" one girl asked.

"Yeah," I said. "I mean, I'm getting kinda used to this. My dog's been really sick and she just needs a lot of help."

Soda - head still tilted to one side, slowly lurched towards them... probably looking more like a small black bear that'd just been shot than an old dog.

"Gee," said another one of the girls, "she doesn't look so good."

"I know," I said.

Soda proceeded to stumble past them and flop on the front lawn. It was starting to rain.

I sighed and turned to the girls. "So what can I do for you?"

It turns out they were Mormon missionaries.

"Do you believe in God?" one girl asked.

"Yeah," I said, rather suspicious of their timing.

Then, I kid you not, the same girl asked me, "And how does God appear in your life?"

"Well," I said, "call me crazy - but it seems like this situation might be a good example."

I had no idea how right I was. For after they left, I sat on the front lawn beside Soda. She was sound asleep again - except that now, I couldn't leave her alone because she was three feet away from a busy road. And it hit me: the time had come to let Soda go.

So after yet another good cry, I went inside and, with one eye on Soda, took a deep breath and called the mobile vet on call. A woman answered right away. I told her Soda's situation - and that I thought it wasn't right to be keeping her in this state.

"I think it would be best," I said, "if you came and put her down."

"I hear what you're saying," said the stranger on the other end of the line, "and I understand your concern. And believe me, it is under very rare circumstances that I would disagree with a pet owner because you know Soda; I don't. However, Old Dog Vestibular Disease is one of those rare circumstances where I am going to strongly encourage you to reconsider. Soda is eating and drinking and able to walk on her own... those are all signs that she is healing. She just needs time. Keep her warm and safe and let her rest and there's an 80% to 90% chance that she'll fully recover."

I hung up the phone with a completely different attitude and a newfound sense of hope.

Maybe Soda was going to pull through? Maybe I just needed to have faith in her ability to heal - at her pace - and my ability to provide the conditions in which she could. And furthermore, maybe the vet was an example of how Divine Intervention can appear in our lives: someone to give us hope when we are no longer able to find it ourselves.

At any rate, that vet saved Soda's life - and she probably inadvertently saved mine, too. For let's be honest here: if my home and the residents in it had truly been "fully functioning" prior to Christmas, then merely helping out my mom for two weeks wouldn't have caused the wheels to fall off.

Rather, my Mom's visit turned out to be a much-needed catalyst that, once the dust had settled and the dog was on the road to recovery, forced me to take a good hard look at my work-centred life. Perhaps it wasn't a coincidence that Soda's symptoms were that of a creature totally off balance?

So I asked a friend - a massage therapist - if she thought it was possible that our issues can manifest in the health of our pets.

"Absolutely," she said. "Soda is picking up on your energy... she's your canary in the coal mine. That's what stress will do to you."

Then, a couple of weeks later, I told another friend how concerned I was that Soda, though doing much better, was now spending all of her time outside... away from me.

"Well," he said, "she's either preparing to die out there - or she's resting where she's most comfortable. She knows what she needs."

True enough. By February, Soda made a 100% recovery. In fact, I would say she was more mobile and alert than she was before Christmas - because she lost some weight! And when she felt comfortable enough, she even came inside again... to be with me.

As for my Mom, once she was back home again, she called to tell me the doctors were happy because she gained 14 pounds thanks to the feeding frenzy at my place!

That Christmas taught me that when things started to fall apart all around me, I had no choice but to put everything else on hold and attend full-time to caring for my elderly Mom and senior dog. Once I relaxed enough to recognize the lessons hidden in the challenge, I began to realize what a gift that difficult experience was.

"The way you look at things is the most powerful force in shaping your life."

- John O'Donohue, Anam Cara; A Book of Celtic Wisdom

And once the crisis had passed, I really strived to live and work at a slower pace and enjoy the time I had left with Soda because I knew it was limited. Day by day, I figured out how to lead a more balanced life because I realized that if I couldn't learn to do this for myself, then the least I could do was do it for the ones who were closest to me.

Sadly, my Mom passed away suddenly in March - four days after her hip surgery. Soda died six weeks later. Though heart-broken by both deaths, I am very grateful for the time we had together over Christmas. For as it turned out, caring for my Mom and Soda was also my final gift to them.

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