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College Health Insurance Blog

College Health Insurance Blog

College Health Insurance Blog

HealthInsurance-Last summer I was badly ill. I do not want to peep into details, however, I needed to make the surgery as soon as it was only possible. Being a student, I was not able to make the surgery, which cost several thousand of dollars. I was really in despair, I did not know what to do, where to take money in order to cover the operation. And as nowadays you will fail to get any treatment until you have money, each day I stared to feel myself worse and worse.

I thought that there was not any way out form the situation. However, thanks God, one friend of mine advised me to buy the health insurance. I am not  a specialist in such business, so he helped me to find the health insurance in the duration of several days. He explained me that with the help of the health insurance I would be able to cover the surgery. To tell the truth, I did not believe him then. However, I managed to find money in order to obtain health insurance.

Can you believe my surprise when after I brought the health insurance into the hospital, the surgery was made that very day. One day more and I would die.

Dear students, do not follow my example; obtain the health insurance immediately.

Why do students need the health insurance? Students need the health insurance in order to be able to afford the medical treatment in time.

The prices for the professional medical treatment are really too high, and the common student, who do not have some constant income is not able to cover the professional treatment, that is why he or she starts to treat himself or herself without any medical examination and without any medical advices. Very often, the self-treatment brings to the worsening of the situation, and the person gets either chronicle diseases, or just some aftereffect of an illness, which it is very difficult to remove.

However, if the person has the medical treatment, he or she may bravely address the doctor, as all the charges concerning your treatment will be covered with the help of the health insurance. Nowadays, even simple flu may bring to the death; that is why it is just necessary to have the professional consultations, however, those who do not have the health insurance are not able to cover the prices even for the consultation, and I am even not speaking about the treatment itself. That is why I think it is better to purchase the health insurance than not to able to afford the necessary professional treatment.

Nowadays when the medical treatment costs too much, it is just impossible to live without the health insurance. Well, the health insurance presupposes some charges for it; however, the charges you have to make are much lower, and even miserable I would say, if to compare them with the prices for the professional medical treatment.

If you do not have a health insurance, and your financial position is not good enough in order to covert the treatment, even if you are dying under the door of the cabinet of the doctor, no one will pay any attention at you.

However, if you have health insurance, you will never come across such situation. If you need the medical treatment, you will not have to find money in order to able to afford it, as all the charges concerning the treatment will be covered by the heath insurance.

However, when you take your health insurance, I recommend you to get to know which cases it covers, or  otherwise, you may be trapped by the following situation: you come to the hospital with your health insurance and you are informed that your kind of health insurance does not cover the case you have right now.

You know, I have been thinking that the health insurance is just the waste of money. I was the student that time and I did not have enough money for my everyday expenses, and the health insurance cost a pretty big sum of money I decided that I did not need it. But than one day I felt some pain in my stomach, the pain was rather sharp, and I did it know what to do with it that is why I decided to go to the hospital.

When I came there the first question I received was whether I had the health insurance. I replied that I did not have such, and the nurse looked at me, as I was almost already a corp. At that time I did not understand the real meaning of her look. I waited for half an hour and only than I was invited to go into the doctor?s room. The pain was so sharp that I thought I would die right in front of the doctor?s cabinet, however, no one paid any attention to me.

I do not want to go into details what was happening after that, in conclusion, the doctor told me that I needed to have the full examination, and when he named me the price for it, I understood that I would never be able to afford it. This story had a happy end, I am still alive.

However, dear students, get the heath insurance!

Heath insurance, do I need one? This is a question, which almost all the students ask to themselves. And the only correct answer at this question is yes! It is really very difficult to cope with all the illnesses which a student goes through during his or her period of education in the higher educational institution.

Many doctors tell that the majority of the difficult and serious diseases comes form the period of student life. Students do not pay a proper attention to their health, as the funds are always limited, they do not have the proper feeding. When they become ill, they do not have consultations at the professionals, as they are not able to afford such highly priced visits to the doctor, as a result they are making self-treatment. In the better case, such students just do not bring harm to their health making self-treatment. They are removing the symptoms; however, the cause of the illness still remains.

That is why I recommend to all the students to take health insurance, as health insurance gives the opportunity to the student to receive a proper treatment and to receive it free of charge, as the heath insurance is going to cover all the charges concerning your illness.

Do you know why the health insurance is a very necessary thing while studying? Let us think a little. We are all alive people and we get sick from time to time. Even if it is a common flu, the prices for the professional consultation are too high, and of course, I am even not speaking about the medication and medicine. The prices in the drug stores are very high, and sometimes to buy some medicine against flu costs a real  wealth.

Do you know why the health of the students as a rule is not very well? Because the professional medical treatment cost too much, and those students who do not have the health insurance can not afford it.

If you come to the other country to study or even abroad, the situation with the medication becomes even worse. The prices for the medical treatment abroad are just too high. Besides, if you do not have the health insurance and if some accident happens or if you need the surgery, no one will do it for you, until you  do not give the cash money. And the procedure of the funds transferring may take too much time. So, the consequences may be too serious.

Be wise; get your health insurance.

When you are going to college, you have to trouble yourself not only about the subject where to get money. If you do not want to get into a trouble with the medical treatment, I also recommend you to think about the health insurance.

Of course, you may live without the health insurance without any problems however, when you get ill, you will understand why it is so necessary to have one.

The prices for medical treatment are just great, and if you get ill, you will not be able to afford the professional medical treatment.  That is why, if you do not want to endanger your health, I recommend you to take the health insurance. The prices for the health insurance are high; it is true. However, if you trouble yourself and make the research at the subject, you may find rather affordable health insurance.

When you are taking health insurance, learn which cases of illness it covers, or otherwise you may get into a trouble with it. For example, you will treat you teeth and then you will be given a great bill for the treatment. You will appeal to the bank with your health insurance, and you will be rejected.

When person finishes education at school, in many cases this person wants to continue education in college or university.

And exactly in this time the question of health insurance appears and becomes rather important. After the age of 20 a lot of children are not included to parents? health insurance. Such situation is not good and can cause certain trouble, that?s why a lot of colleges and universities offer health insurance plans for students. The choice of these plans is wide and every student can choose such plan which is suitable for him or her.

As for health benefits which every college provides, it depends upon college. People usually think that these benefits are free, but it is not so. Usual medical examine can be free, but if it is necessary to make laboratory tests, then it is necessary to pay.

In the case of pre-existing condition, the health insurance can be very helpful, because it may happen that college medical center can?t provide you with necessary treatment. And if you can?t pay for the treatment outside the college campus, then you can hurt your own health.

Before accept some health insurance plan, you have to study all details and peculiarities. Parents should ask if the chosen health insurance is valid during summer holidays. Also it is recommended to find out what kind of plan it is. Is it HMO or it is not important what provider give the insurance police? Because it may occur that in urgent situation you don?t know where you can get treatment according to your health insurance plan.

So, make sure that you understand your health insurance plan completely and there are no obscure moments in it, only in such case take it.

Health Insurance for Students

Health insurance is necessary for children while they are studying I school and college or university, because it can help them in case of high medical expenses. Many schools and colleges say that because of big medical expenses a lot of students became drop-outs. In order to change such situation today most schools and colleges require health insurance from student. It is possible that child is includes in parental health insurance till the age of twenty, but not all of students have such advantage. Nowadays 25% of middle and large public colleges and schools and almost all private educational establishments require health insurance.

As for the costs of student?s health insurance, it varies from $800 till $1000. It is also get health insurance for semester.

Car Insurance for Students

Car insurance protects student and his or her vehicle from big troubles. The cheapest car insurance covers only liability and damage which driver created.  But if you would like comprehensive and collision car insurance, then it will cost more, because such insurance covers both damages which ere dome as a result of an accident and compensation in the case of the  theft and other losses.

It is also possible to get discounts for car insurance. For this you should be full-time student and have appropriate GPA. Such discounts can be dome to students who are under 25 but sometimes there is a requirement to be already 21.

Renter?s Insurance.

If your child rent an apartment or house, it is recommended to get renter?s insurance, which insures student?s property inside the house.  The average  insurance fee is $20 per month.

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