Wednesday, June 14, 2017

About Animal Care and Control SF

Animal Care and Control SF
Animal Care and Control SF
Animal Care and Control SF is an animal shelter based in San Francisco. The SF itself stands for San Francisco. It's widely known as SF ACC. This animal shelter accepts any animal with any condition. Probably this is the reason people would like to visit or use the services. Historically, it founded in 1989 with a mission to be the first committed government organization that serves efficiently and responsively of animal care services. It has responsibilities for San Francisco's animals that injured, abandoned or mistreated.

Not only telling you the history and the mission, but we will also provide you information about the facilities and some reviews. This will be helpful for those who look for the information about the Animal Care and Control SF.

Programs and services

Animal Care and Control SF offers more than ten programs from 4 services and four general programs.

The general programs are for the domestic and wild animals. They are including adoptions, SAFE pet programs, animal welfare and foster care. The pets that can be adopted are including dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, fish or birds.

The first of five services is called services for the pet owners. There are eight programs in this service that are including pet licensing, rabies clinic, service and support animals, lost and found, and humane euthanasia.

The second service is called animal rescue services. There are two programs in this service, and they are a report of injured animals and disaster preparedness. The disaster preparedness program is purposed to guide the pet owner or the animals to face the disaster such as reducing the stress of the pet.

The third service at the Animal Care and Control SF is called wildlife rescue service. This service is aimed for the wild animal only and has two programs. The programs are report found or injured wildlife and living with wildlife tips. The tips are a guide for the wildlife owners or would-be wildlife owner to live safely with the wildlife animal.

The last service that they offer to us is educational service which has two primary programs. The programs are behavior and training resource library and safety around animals. The first mentioned program is to evaluate the animal behavior, so the animal will be okay when they have a new home. While the last program offers an education or tips to keep you and your pets safe from many aspects, including the food and the medications.

Award and Review

Animal Care and Control SF has been awarded as the winner of Bay Woof 'Beast of the Bay' Best Human Organization 2012 and Bay Woof "Beast of the Bay' Best Municipal Shelter 2013. These awards are enough to show us that SF ACC is high animal shelter government based organization.

From Google Reviews, they got 4.6/5.0 stars rate that can define us their service and the programs are good enough for those who want to use their service. Many people recommended this shelter because the animal treatment and the service are excellent. The staffs are helpful and professionally give the best services.