Tuesday, June 6, 2017

One Love Animal Rescue saves 52 furry lives, helps them get to adoration dwellings in New York State

care animal rescue

Care Animal RescueMore than four dozen cats and dogs are on their style to having a new , desiring home in New York State with the help of One Love Animal Rescue.

But we wanted to know why the swine weren't going to be available for adoption here instead.

News 3' s Courtney Cole explains why.

It was an exciting period for some of the dogs and cats that have been temporarily calling the Shady Pines Boarding Kennel in Savannah, home.

But with the help of people like Karrie Bulski of One Love Animal Rescue teaming up with Save The Pooches, dozens of swine in our region will now have a new home to rest their paws: New York.

" We are working with North Shore Animal League and they have driven down to collect 52 animals...cats, puppies, puppies, kittens ," Bulski told News 3.

Believe it or not, Bulski says rescues and shelters up north have a shortage of animals.

Conrad is one of 52 pets headed up to New York, helping with the overpopulation of pets in Savannah.

" We have a huge overpopulation of pets. And so although there are, like I am a local rescue...I have 125 swine in my care at all times. I can not keep up with how many swine end up in the shelter, and sadly, all the shelters euthanize for space ," Bulski said.

Bulski says she believes so many swine end up in shelters because of the current spay and neuter laws.

" But I think that there's a bit of stronger legislation that maybe needs to happen to control the[ animal] population ," replied Bulski.

One Love Animal Rescue worked with Effingham County Animal Control, Chatham County Animal Control and Jasper Animal Rescue Mission for the swine that were apart of Tuesday's transport.

The organization has transported more than 400 swine over the last couple of years.

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Source : wsav.com