Monday, July 31, 2017

All about Care Animal Shelter Bangalore

Care Animal Shelter Bangalore

Care Animal Shelter Bangalore is also known as Charlie Animal Rescue Centre or just known as CARE. This is founded in January 2013 by the group of animal lovers in Bangalore. When they began to start this animal shelter, they face the truth that there was no animal shelter in this city. While the fact, there were many abandoned or injured animals that need medical treatment, home and rehabilitation programs.

The CARE Trust was formed by the three people that have been greatly experienced in animal shelter field for many years. Since that time, the Care Animal Shelter Bangalore has many activities to rescue animal. Not only in the main city of the Bangalore but also have a program in a village.

Their activities

At the CARE shelter, they have some specific programs and activities. Some of the activities are just like the other animal shelters organizations which provide services to the pet, wildlife animal that has been injured or abandoned, and the services for the would-be adopter of the animal.

The specific activities that Care Animal Shelter Bangalore offers are including ambulance service at a particular time, a helpline for the animals in distress, rehabilitation, and re-housing the abandoned animals. They have a great service for the abandoned animals.

If anyone around Bangalore wants to adopt an animal, they will also help and assist you to get the right pet. When you adopt an animal from this animal shelter, there will be some process and guidance to treat your new adopted pet nicely. The animals that can be adopted are including dogs and cats.

For those who has a problem with the pets such as injured or need medical treatment, Care Animal Shelter Bangalore provides you a 24 hour of veterinary service. It can be reached via phone. This is one of the great services that animal shelter organization has ever made. Not only for the animal medication but also it offers an inpatient facility to your animal if it's needed.

In the medication services, they also have advanced technology such as X-Ray, OPD and scanning facility. This will be good to support the medical process of any animal that needs some care. Even there is a special cat nursery that you can meet when you visit the main office.

One of their services is a liberal education. This is important to have such a service because it will help many people to care for animals. The guidance and the education that they give for the people will increase the animal awareness from many aspects.

It is also possible if you want to board out your pets in this shelter, especially when it's holiday. So if you live in Bangalore and have an issue or interest in saving animals, this shelter should be visited. Besides, they are also open for those who want to help in animal welfare field. They will welcome anybody who willing to help their work in saving the animals around the city. There is a volunteer program for those who want to work in CARE voluntarily.