Sunday, July 16, 2017

All About Community Animal Rescue Effort Columbus Indiana

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The Community Animal Rescue Effort Columbus Indiana is shortly known as CARE. It is a non-profit group-based that works to promote an animal welfare. The primary mission is simply to help animals and help the other people that also care about the animals. They have several methods to promote an animal welfare. Some are through community awareness, education, and guidance for those who adopt the animal from CARE. It is located in Columbus and work together with Columbus Animal Care Service (CACS)

The members of the Community Animal Rescue Effort Columbus Indiana are volunteers who dedicated their time and their money to caring the animals until they have a new home. Their mission and how their works should be highly appreciated. Nowadays, it's rarely to find that animal shelters staffs are working without getting any dollars.

Through their website, they are also open for donation. The donation money will be used for the expenses that related to animals only. The expenses are including the medical treatment, food and even for adoption promotion. The medical treatment is including some surgery, parasites issues and even a treatment for the animal that a has the problem with their limbs, respiratory system, and heartworm.

They are also doing a spaying and neutering program for a lower fee with support by the CACS. Spaying and neutering program is necessary to reduce the homeless animals. If there are so much homeless or abandoned animals, there will be adverse effects that can affect our community. The homeless or abandoned community probably unvaccinated will make a serious disease for the animals around and can affect the human. The large population of homeless animals will also affect the cost of the government to take care and provide treatment for them.

What have they done?

In 2010, the Community Animal Rescue Effort Columbus Indiana had successfully spayed and neutered 779 cats and dogs in partnership between Columbus Animal Control. They are also has done the same program in collaboration with City Animal Shelter.

The local CARE veterinarians also have done spayed and neutered programs in their respective areas. CARE veterinarians also open for those pet owners who want to spay and neuter their pet. It is believed that by spaying and neutering your pet, you are in the right way to take part in reducing pet overpopulation across the United States.

The facilities

The Community Animal Rescue Effort Columbus Indiana provides some facilities that usable for animal lovers or pet owners. Through the website, they offer you some information about vaccination for the animals, the detail information about spaying or neutering and microchip information.

There are also some valuable information and tips for your pets that accessible from the website. Some information is about how you can deal with the pet allergies, litter box issues and guidance to harmonize old and new pet.

For those who want to help the Community Animal Rescue Effort Columbus Indiana, they also offer a volunteering program. You can even volunteer yourself if you are a high school student. For an adoption purpose, you can just contact them, and they will help you nicely.