Sunday, June 4, 2017

Barking Between Bargains : Garage Marketing Benefits Shelter Animals

care animal rescue

Care Animal Rescue Saturday was a good day for animal sweethearts and bargain hunters alike: Coldwell Banker General Properties hosted its annual garage sale from 9 a. m. to 3 p. m. at its locating at 2700 N. Belt Highway to benefit the Acquaintances of the Animal Shelter. 

President of the Friends of the Animal Shelter Ed Vanover is glad Coldwell Banker supports the group. 

"( The auction) assistances the Acquaintances of the Animal Shelter, so everything they sell comes to us. They've been a great supporter of the Friends of the Animal Shelter and the shelter in general ," Vanover said. 

All donations started directly to the Acquaintances of the Animal Shelter, who in turn use it to support St. Joseph Animal Shelter

" The Acquaintances of the Animal Shelter caters medical care for the swine at the shelter, we provide a lot of assistance to the shelter, supplement the city fund for the animal shelter, so your fund all goes to the swine, it doesn't go for any payments or anything like that, it starts directly toward the swine' care ," Vanover said. 

Although the occurrence started from morning to afternoon, the working group on volunteers was able to beat the amount invoked last year earlier today, according to Dorothy Murfin, an agent at Coldwell Banker. 

" Last year, the amount developed was between $500 and $1000, I remember. This time, I remember, we're already well over that. I think this morning we manufactured close to $800 and what we already made prior to that plus donations. So I think it's a huge, huge success ," Murfin said. 

In addition to being able to parts donated by the community, the volunteers too received domesticated equipment from companies. 

" We've received donations from companies like Upco, like fastens for pups, reins, occasions you need when you first borrow a domesticated ," Murfin said. 

But buyers were able to take home more than simply a brand-new leash -- the Friends too brought out swine from the shelter and Puppies for Parole program. 

" We have Acquaintances of the Shelter here with swine that will be available for adoption and you can go to the shelter from 1 to 4:30 to adopt the swine on display ," Murfin said. 

June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat month and all cat approvals are $10 off. For more information, call .

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