Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hometown Animal Care in Pflugerville

Hometown Animal Care

For those who love animals and live in Texas, Hometown Animal Care isn't a strange thing anymore. It is an animal hospital that located in Pflugerville. It opens from Monday to Saturday from 7 am until 6 pm, but on Saturday it opens from 8 is until 2 pm only.

The goals of Hometown Animal Care are to provide best-personalized customer service for the pets and the owners and care them as they can. They want to create the animal hospital that feels like a home. Their most impressive facility is the separate waiting areas for cats and dogs owners. This 's nice to reduce the noise inside the room. So basically, they want to treat the animal like their family members and want to create a home-like atmosphere in the hospital. This is perhaps because they are focused on animal treatment and the high-quality care.

The boarding program

The Hometown Animal Care offers a boarding program for cats and dogs only. You can drop your dog or cat at the mentioned time above. As the addition, there is also Sunday boarding that opens from 3.30 pm until 4.30 pm. There is difference fee for the different pet. Below is the explanation.

For the cat boarding, it costs about $24 per night. Before you decide to board your cat, it is better to consult with the staff and ask any information regarding the facilities. If you have some problem with your cats, you can also ask advice to decide how long you will get your cat boarded.

For the dog boarding, it costs about $25 per night. It is slightly higher than the cat boarding price. Just like the cat boarding, you will need a discussion with the professional staff. It will be useful for your dog treatment on a boarding program.

It is mentioned earlier that here is a Sunday boarding release. For this program, you will need to pay $12.50. There is no difference Sunday release price for dog or cat boarding.

Some additional fee may be charged; it depends on your pet needs. Administration of fluid probably will need some amount of fee. An injectable medication can cost up to $10.50 per night.

There is good news for those who have both dog and cat and want to take boarding program for each of them. There will be a discount up to 10% per pet per night if you take both cat and dog boarding program. Surely this is very useful for those who have more than just five dogs and cats.

Before using the services

Before you use the services from Hometown Animal Care, you should consider few things. First of all, know the facilities that they offer and compare with your animal needs. Before visiting it, make sure you make contact with the customer service staff. You can make contact by phone. When you make a call, ask the important questions only such as asking for the information about facilities, programs, and fees. You can also directly visit the office with your pet. The staff surely will help you if you need assistance.