Friday, June 2, 2017

Report: Contra Costa County Martinez Animal Shelter devastated with virtually 300 dogs

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Care Animal Rescue | The Contra Costa County Martinez Animal Shelter is facing accusations of being mismanaged following a report by ABC 7 News.

The shelter, which is reportedly currently dwelling almost 300 dogs, has put down at the least one pup that was scheduled to be rescued.

In that speciman, the dog was a 4-year-old quarry policeman mentioned Barbie. In 2016, two different save groups, Petaluma Pet Pals and Beau's Bridge Club, were in line to foster the quarry, but despite the promise of a new residence, Barbie was put down.

" The memoranda weren't checked the method they should have been ," said CCAS Acting Director Captain Jane Andreotti." We have put into home some policies and procedures to make sure that we are checking and double checking ."

But double checking is sometimes difficult with a small staff. There's only one full-time veterinary working at the shelter as well as eight part-time contract vets, and they're expected to provide care for the nearly 12,000 animals the shelter receives in a payed year.

As ABC reports, the shelter exceeded taking in 1,200 animals in a few months six different times between 2014-2016.

" There's so many times I go in to be addressed the smaller animal cages ," Camarra told ABC," where there's 10 dogs entirely contained within feces ."That leads to issues with cleanliness, illness outbreak, and shortage of care for the animals. At least three save organizations in the area -- Petaluma Pet Pals, Layla's Animal Cause, and Scooter's Pals -- have stopped working with the shelter because of such issues, and Dani Camarra, the founder of the Davis-based Hearts for Paws, pronounces she" wouldn't give high lines for cleanliness ." 

There are, at the least, already some improvements in the works. Andreotti tells ABC that they're actively banking and hiring for some open positions, and that this drop, a company they've hired will begin assisting them tread dogs.

In the meantime, the shelter retains a database of some of their adoptable animals. Check it out here.

The Contra Costa County Martinez Animal Shelter has not responded to SFGATE's is asking for observation . 

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