Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Millie the chihuahua is a surrogate mum to individuals great and small


MILLIE's maternal drive knows no binds. 

The protective pooch has never actually had puppies of her own, but makes on the role of mom to other creatures great and small in a heartwarming exhibition of motherly adore at its finest. 

Shirley Honeyman, whose daughter owns the pooch, speaks Millie's maternal advocates firstly loomed a few years ago when she took the appropriately worded "Peg" -- a rescued magpie with one leg( envisioned) -- under her paws.

" Peg was free to come and go as she could pilot penalize, but Millie would not make anything else come near -- "cat-o-nine-tails" included -- and would never plagiarize her nutrient from her either ," speaks Shirley, from Nhill.

Since then, Millie has befriended various orphaned lambs and constituted a special alliance with one in particular.

" She took a real glows to Comet, a miniature Persian lamb, and they would often run around together then sleep in the sunshine on the veranda( pictured )," Shirley says.

" And just recently she decided to mom a bit kitten( envisioned) that my lad created dwelling, and now that it is starting to grow they are the best of playmates, too.

" She has never had the opportunity to be a real mother, but she seems to be slaking her mothering instincts in other modes ."

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