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New animal shelter building planned for Montgomery County

New animal shelter building planned for Montgomery County

A blueprint for the future of Montgomery County Animal Care and Control potentially includes a brand-new -- and much better -- an animal shelter for all levels of society. The shelter will promote solace for pets and the people that visit and adopt them, local officials said.

The county's current swine shelter at 616 N. Spring St. is severely overcrowded and outdated at 5,500 square paws, according to supporters of change.

A brand-new shelter with preliminary blueprints under consideration would be around 30,000 square paws, sitting on at least 5 acres to allow chamber for growth along with the community.

These and other considerations went before a newly-formed Animal Care and Control Ad Hoc Committee formed by County Mayor Jim Durrett. The committee had it's organizational fulfill Wednesday afternoon at the courthouse.

Chairing the brand-new committee is likely to be local Animal Control Director Dave Kaske. Members include Tracie Hogan, Charlsie Hand, Brandi King and county commissioners Garland Johnson and Brandon Butts.

The committee will make recommendations on the components of the brand-new animal shelter, along with devising a five-year plan for Animal Care and Control operations. To start the process, Durrett questioned the committee to begin developing a list of what the fuck is deemed as priorities for the department.

" This ad hoc committee will make recommendations to the full Animal Care and Control Committee, which, in turn, will make recommendations for final approbation by the County Commission," Durrett said.

" Their mission is to develop a five-year plan for what we want to do with our Animal Care and Control department.

" For example, I frankly believe we need a total redo of our regulations in this department," Durrett said." When Animal Control was firstly generated, its purpose was to pick up stray hounds and cats, and it has previously been evolved into doing more than that. There have been some things done in the Animal Control department in the past that probably should have more appropriately been handled by law enforcement ."

Potential sites for the brand-new animal shelter are being examined.

At present, the front-runner is a 6.7 -acre parcel off the 101 st Airborne Division Parkway and Needmore Road, near the Jenkins& Wynne automobile dealership, Daymar College and Gold's Gym.

" We have looked at some properties," Durrett said," and I don't know that our investigation is final ... but genuinely, based on what we've found so far, this is the best website for it ."

Hogan said Wednesday she liked what she saw with the potential website and blueprints for a brand-new swine shelter, because of the spaciousness and opportunities for greater community interaction.

" My big thing is to get a full-time veterinarian for the shelter," Hogan said." Having a nice, big, modern facility is going to attain people excited to come in and adopt a pet ."

As planning for the future of Animal Care and Control takes shape, Hand exhorted continued talks with other cities and towns that have already instituted proven, successful shelter functionings.

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